About Us

about us

What is B.E.M.S.

B.E.M.S. or Building & Energy Management System, is a protocol to help reduce energy usage by integrating and optimising control of all building systems. In this way systems will only be in use when needed and operated at pre-agreed parameters.

We are an accredited partner with Honeywell Centraline; who manufacture the control equipment used in our installations. The key phrase is system integration, the principal is to bring together all the various systems and equipment in a building and operate and monitor them under one common control point, to make the building a SMART building.

The key points are: Optimise and reduce the energy footprint for the building, and thus reduce Carbon Emissions; extend life of plant by optimising running hours and therefore reduce maintenance cost; reduce down time by providing accurate operating data and fault alerts early to maintenance operative helping them to be proactive.

The device used for this is called a JACE controller which operates under the Niagara framework designed by Tridium. This system can communicate with a large number of existing control protocols as shown below.

We also use and integrate other controls equipment such Dalismart; Sedona; EasyIO; Seimans to name a few

We are also full members of the Building Controls Industry Association.

Core Values

We at Antler Air Systems are completely committed to providing our clients with outstanding service, and providing the best and most cost-effective solution to help make their buildings run as efficiently as possible. We offer 24 hour automated monitoring starting when the system is commissioned, thus allowing full trend analysis; and helping the client realise optimum performance from the various installed systems.


All equipment and components used to construct or control panels and installations are backed up by comprehensive manufacturers warranties and all equipment conforms to required standards such as CE and ISO registrations. We are committed to providing the latest options using the latest software and techniques; and as members of the Building Controls Industry Association we are able to keep out engineers trained to the latest standards.

Environment friendliness

All our systems are designed around a simple maxim. To reduced energy consumption; to optimise performance; to increase comfort; to maintain a safe working environment; and to reduce the overall carbon footprint and any building.

Data management and security

Our operating system and trending data is contained in servers housed in a state of the art modern datacentre.

  • Data Centre is ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 accredited
  • Data Centre has N+1 redundant power. This basically means should the power fail there is backup generator and should the backup generator fail there is a back up generator for the back up generator.
  • Data Centre has geographically diverse internet feeds meaning the DC has multiple feeds fed in to different ends of the building. This is done to ensure that should someone inadvertently dig up the road and cut the feed the other feeds are not effected ensuring you always have connectivity to the servers.
  • Data Centre also uses multiple carriers for its internet feeds. The DC has connectivity provided by both BT and Virgin. This is done to ensure that should one of the carriers have a major network fault the other is not affected to ensure connectivity to your servers is not interrupted.
  • Data Centre has 24/7 environmental monitoring which includes the following:
    • N+1 air conditioning. As with the N+1 power there is a backup for the backup in the event of a failure
    • Cold Aisle Containment. This means cold air is fed into the front of the cabinets with the warm air being expelled to the rear. This is done to ensure the servers are kept cool and running at optimal performance.
    • FM200 Fire Suppression.
    • Water Leak Detection
    • Raised Floor
  • Data Centre has 24/7 Security monitoring systems as well as both internal and external CCTV camera’s
  • Antler Air Systems Servers are provided from industry leading manufactures and have built in redundancy. Server Hardware and Software is monitored 24/7.
  • Antler Air Systems infrastructure is also protected by best in class security solution to ensure service continuity and protection.